CD : The Reaper Project
CD : The Reaper Project

CD : The Reaper Project

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CD : The Reaper Project

Music by: Salv

1. Sunset (feat. The Naughty Northern, Impa of Sweden)
2. Never Friends (feat. KiddJody)
3. Haunted (feat. Alan Z)
4. Baddies (feat. Ted Park, JRE)
5. The Reaper (with Lee Kasi)
6. The Monsters
7. The Zombie (feat. Monii)
8. Drunk and I (feat. The Naughty Northern)
9. The Moonlight
10. Beyond Numb (feat. KiddJody)
11. Altergeist (feat. Deoferio)
12. The Siren (feat. Dio C, TFR)
13. The Angel
14. Run
15. This is My jam
16. Drowning
17. Monsters Return (feat. Dio C, Deoferio, The Naughty Northern, Arrowhead, KiddJody)

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